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Last modified: 30 August 2017

Ermahgerd, you’re here! Welcome to our quirky, some-kind-of-wonderful world. Glad you could join.

We’ve prepared these Terms of Use (the “Terms” or “Agreement”) to set out the rules of our relationship. It is important that you read as it is a legally binding agreement between you and BEMO regarding the App, its website and its other products, services and features it may make available to you (the “Services”). By using or accessing the Services you agree to these Terms. For some of our Services you may have additional terms and conditions to accept so please be aware of this and if there is any conflict between those and these Terms then the new terms will apply to you.

What is BEMO?

BEMO is a video messaging app, where we give you the tools to create playful connections. From the moment you press the plus button in the App, you’re in an augmented reality experience and can view animated characters (“bemos”) in the world around you. We then give you a record button so you can capture that experience by creating “beems”, saving them for later and/or sharing them with friends.

At BEMO, we are building a world that’s fun for our users, so the App and its features are constantly evolving as we look to improve your experience. We may need to update these Terms as a result of this and so we would encourage you to regularly review it; the process for us updating it is set out in 9 below.
BEMO is a creation of Notknownhere Limited (registered in England and Wales, company number 10918078). When we refer to ‘’we’’ or ‘’our’’ or ‘’BEMO’’ in these Terms we are referring to Notknownhere Limited

Last modified: 30 August 2017

BEMO (“BEMO”, “we”, “us” or “our”) offers a different way to connect, discover and play. You can create content (or “beems”) by taking our collection of animated characters (“bemos”) and augmenting them to the world around you, as you see it through your mobile device. You can then save your beems for later or send them to friends via private messages.

Our reality is all about being inclusive and authentic. We ask that of our users (see our Community Guidelines) and we want to be transparent in return. We’ve created this Privacy Policy to share with you how we deal with information about you when you use our services – what we collect, how we use and share it, how long we store it and how you can control what happens with that information. We welcome any feedback or questions you may have on privacy matters and how we use your data – please contact us at Information we collect

Information you give us directly

Through your BEMO experience, you may choose to share information with us: - Your username, password and email address when you create a BEMO account. - A picture of you or anything else you use as your profile picture. To retrieve this photo, with your consent, we may access the camera roll on your device. · If you choose the “Find Friends” feature, with your consent, we may access information on your device’s phone book to find your friends to add or invite them to BEMO. · Beems that you create, save or send to your friends. - Any communication between you and BEMO, including any additional i information you choose to give us when you report content, contact us for support reasons, or communicate with us in any other way. Information we receive when you use BEMO - When you use our services, we collect information about you and your BEMO experience: A unique ID, created by us to identify your account and linked to your username. Information about your usage of BEMO, including how you interact with our bemos, the beems you receive and your BEMO friends. Certain mobile network and device identifiers to help us provide our services. Your location on sign up, both generally in respect of your locale - e.g., the UK - and specifically, your latitude and longitude coordinates. If you have given us permission to access your camera, we may also collect information regarding the location of your beems.

Last modified: 30 August 2017

BEMO offers a different way to connect, discover and play. Our augmented community is a welcoming and safe one and we’ve created these Community Guidelines to help you be sure your contribution keeps it that way. BEMO is another reality - one that’s not filtered, not curated and not fake. We just want to help you to be more you. So be creative, be entertaining, but don’t be a dick. Cause if it doesn’t make people happy, what’s the beeming point? Need us to break it down further? Hard and fast rules below:

Do unto others

Bullying, harassment, blackmail, stalking, trolling, threats to public and personal safety, whether they’re physical, mental or emotional, all go against the spirit of BEMO and won’t be tolerated. Everyone has the right to feel comfortable and confident in both the real and digital world. That also goes for anything that promotes racism, bigotry, sexism, prejudice, discrimination or intolerance. Our world is wonderful in its diversity – embrace it! Haters be gone. Expressing your opinion about public figures is fine but we may remove content that looks like a personal attack or has potential to offend a wider group of people.

If in doubt, don’t take it out

Our bemos are a bit cheeky and it’s all in the name of fun, but be mindful of what you augment them to. We won’t accept any user generated content that’s sexually explicit, derogatory or unwelcome, especially content that’s hurtful to an individual or likely to offend others. Be proud of what your mama gave you but don’t send nudes where they’re not welcome. Sending nudes or content of a sexual nature of someone other than you? That’s just not cool. Don’t even threaten to do it.

Keep it above board

But there’s more. Here’s a list of other content that we’re not ok with:

Threats of vandalism or harm to property
Supporting or condoning terrorist activity, organised crime or hate groups
Promoting violence, criminal or illegal activity. This includes illegal drugs or underage drinking
Gratuitous violence or abuse – to people or animals, real or threatened, including sexual violence
Graphic content (including of a violent nature) when used to glorify or celebrate certain behaviour, rather than raising awareness of it
Anything that promotes, glorifies or condones self-harm or suicide
Using BEMO for commercial purposes, attempting to sell goods or services
Spamming behaviour